Social Media Integration and Creative Projects for the Summer Residency

by Dr. Jasmin Bey Cowin – Curriculum and Educational Technology Specialist

Social Media Projects are a powerful tool to advance English fluency and create meaningful portfolio projects. Creative Integration of Social Media through WhatsApp Group Creation, posting a video Vlog, writing a Blog or online diary are an integral part of the program. Ask yourself: What is the difference between a blog and a diary? Participants will explore both genres during their residency at the Long Innovations International Institute.  Here a student project from a media integrated reading course:  Social Media Integration and Creative Projects for the ESL Chinese Language Immersion Summer Residency


Creativity and the Long Innovation International Institute

“When people speak or think of creativity, they mistakenly think of it as having only to
do with the visual arts and the other arts. Creativity cuts across all areas and has to do
with making new in all domains. “ (Jane Piirto, 2011)

Watch The Power of Ideas by Jason Silva